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Musa (A) and the Golden Calf

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This storybook covers a particular period in the life of Prophet Musa (A) when the Israelites built a golden calf to worship. This angered Musa (A) because he rescued them from bondage in Egypt and guided them to worship none but Allah. The book is exclusively designed for young children in the age group of 4 and 9 to learn the important historical account of the nation of Israelites as well as the challenges faced by Musa (A). 

Whether the story is about the entire life of a messenger or a specific incident in the messenger’s life, the series presents the narrative true to the Qur’an. Fascinating illustrations in all of the books will capture the imagination of young readers. These stories can be used as a valuable tool to extend and reinforce reading skills. With this series of books in their hands, children will be prepared for the advanced learning that lies ahead.

Glossy art paper and large, captivating illustrations will surely appeal to the minds of young readers.

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Large format book, printed on glossy art paper. 

ISBN : 9781936569496

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