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Islamic Studies Level 5 Workbook (beginners edition)

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The Level 5 Islamic Studies Workbook is designed to complement the old edition of the textbook for this level. The workbook has large number of test questions to cover each lesson in a comprehensive manner. 

Each of the Islamic Studies text book has its own homework included in the textbook itself. All these years, many schools and parents thought, the homework in the textbook was just enough. However, many schools and parents wanted to challenge their students with additional test questions to cover each lesson in a comprehensive manner. This workbook is a perfect tool to achieve this objective.

In addition to all the review questions available in the textbook, the workbook includes many more test questions and activities. The workbook is a must for all the schools and parents who want to take learning to a new height. All these test questions and activities will provide a rewarding and enriching learning experience. Thought-provoking quizzes will help reinforce learning and build a meaningful integration of the materials in the textbook. The workbooks will also enhance test taking skills and prepare students for advanced learning.

  • Page: 96    
  • Binding: Paperback.  

ISBN : 978-1-936569-38-0



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