Reviews of our books

Alhamdulillah, following are a few recent unsolicited reviews of our books:

  • Salam, We are very impressed with the quality of your Islamic Books... Thank you for the brilliant service from start to finish!!!

    --Tara V, Australia

  • First of all I would like to say well done for the good work you are doing may Allah make it easier for you to continue with the good work... In order to improve the learning of our children we have been searching for the good quality Islamic books to use. Alhamdulillah Allah has guided us to your website and we are impressed to what we have seen.

    --Mohammed A, Oxford, UK

  • I would like to thank you again for the books. The children really like the Islamic Studies books and their Qur'an books and the other material for the teacher has been very helpful in getting our small group started with the school project

    --Basma, Victoria, Canada

  • We are small community based in Essex in United Kingdom and we have just started teaching our children and looking to expand what we teach them with Islamic studies. Having looked at few set of books we think yours Alhumdullilah are superb and accustomed to our needs being a weekend class and with homework!

    --Ayman, S, Essex, UK

  • We have adopted all your books in our school, they are the best.

    --Maqbool P, Birmingham, AL

  • I am a customer of your books and wanted to commend you for an excellent product! You have taken Islamic learning to the next step with a well thought out, visually appealing and high impact set of books. This books are used at my kids' Sunday School in Richmond, VA and my kids are enjoying them. My kids also use many of the academic workbooks out there from Flash Kids, Evan Moor, etc and I find your products on a par or superior to those. May Allah reward you for your efforts..

    --Nasser C, Richmond, VA

  • We have now purchased most of the books from (...), and they are superb, very well put together and Insha'allah will be of great benefit to the young British children here in Qatar. Fortunately we have some British Muslim teachers here who will deliver the classes we are organising. These resources will prove invaluable insha'allah

    --Rehan H, Qatar

  • Your Teacher's editions this year have been such a hit with my staff. I hope you will work on getting those out for all the grades eventually inshAllah.

    --Mumtaz I, Suwanee, GA

  • I am the new principal at the Islamic Center of (.....). I have been with weekendlearning for a long time, even as a teacher at the same school. I am so pleased with the work and the efforts that you all have put inside these materials. MashAllah, may Allah reward you and bless you with all your hard work.

    --Sumayyah C, Manhattan, NY