• How quickly will the books ship
    • All the books listed in our website are available. Most orders from within USA are mailed within one business day. International orders may take a few days if special shipping is needed.

      Typically, if you are in continental USA, books will reach in 4-5 days. Customers from UK may expect the books to reach in 9-14 days. If books are shipped by ocean liner to Australia, it may take 3-4 weeks. Please plan accordingly.

  • How to reduce shipping cost
    • Both USPS and UPS have increased shipping cost, forcing us to increase the shipping cost that you pay.

      Usually, a single book is more expensive to ship than multiple books. If you can, please order several titles, or several copies of the same title. This will reduce the shipping cost per book. If you can wait a few days to receive the books, regular mail costs less than priority mail.

  • How to get a school discount
    • If 5 or more copies of the same book are in an order, we consider that it is a school order. We will automatically calculate the discount and refund the amount to your account. Existing school custmers will continue to enjoy the same discount. PLEASE NOTE: The school discount is calculated based on the LIST price of the books.

  • Why some lessons are repeated
    • You will notice a few topics in the curriculum are repeated in different grades. This was done in order to add new perspectives, details or additional emphasis. For example, stories and morals from the lives of Adam (A), Ibrahim (A), Musa (A) or Yusuf (A) could not be told in a single lesson. Due to complexities and details of the stories, these are covered in multiple grades and lessons.
      Other important topics, such as 5-Pillars of Islam, are repeated first few years with added emphasis. We believe that a good understanding of the 5-Pillars will help children progress though other areas of curriculum in the coming years.

  • How to contact you
    • Best way to contact us is by email. You may also contact us by phone or mail at the address given at the bottom of this page.

  • I am a bookseller..
    • Please contact us for booksellers discount.