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Juz 'Amma for School Students (Red cover)

Juz'Amma for School Students covers all the surah in the 30th part of the Qur'an, from surah An-Nas to to Surah An-Naba. The book contains large and clear color-coded Arabic text, and translation in a two-column format. There are no English transliteration of the Arabic verses. This layout will assist students to memorize the surah by directly reading from the Arabic text. The book will as well help them understand the meaning of the verses they are memorizing.

Each surah begins with a short introduction. The surah is followed by explanation of the verses based on the authentic commentary. A “words to know” section provides root and derivatives of several key words used in the surah. This is further elaborated into a word-to-word meaning of the entire surah. This is followed by an “Application of the Message” section where the overall theme of the surah is highlighted in a manner that children can now apply the message of the surah in their everyday lives. The chapter ends with several review questions to help students refocus on the teachings of the surah and reinforce the materials learned.

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Key features of the book are:
Attractive layout- suitable for young learners,
Large, crisp Arabic font for easy reading,
Authentic, brief explanation of the meanings,
Word-to-word meanings of entire surah,
Tips to apply the message of the surah in daily life.